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Dashboard allows you to see all your campaign statistics, including overall team campaign statistics in one place.

  • Log into Autoklose with your account 

  • Click on Dashboard at the left menu

The idea behind dashboard improvements is to show you more useful data and stats, so the two main graphs show the day of the week with the highest open rate and the hours that get the best percentage of opens. This way you will be able to create more targeted campaigns and know what the best days and times are for sending emails depending on your audience. Most opens happen within an hour of sending, so use shown data to make this call.
All hourly data is shown in User timezone, so if you're targeting prospects from another timezone make sure to convert the time difference to get relevant data. 

The timing of your emails is a critical component of your email lifecycle campaign and these strategies are a good place to start, but you need to know your audience and you need to know what works the best for you when it comes to your recipients.

Sooo... We introduced another dashboard improvement:

  1. Top 3 Warmest Prospects- Prospects with the highest activity engagement, which means that they are most likely to convert.  The number represents the number of points that are assigned to each recipient's activity.

  2. Top 3 Clicked Links- This value shows the most popular links, that is, the ones that performed best. The number represents unique clicks on a single link across all your campaigns up to date. 

  3. Top 3 Converting Templates-  Helps you identify your best-performing email template across all your campaigns. Top 3 highest converting templates are those with the highest response rates. Only custom templates will be accounted for- predefined sales and marketing or blank template won't be shown in statistics. This means that you need to create new, custom template first, save it for future references, and then use it in your campaign. 

Note: We want to show you most relevant data, so you need to have at least 50 emails sent and then you’ll be able to track the statistics. 

Premium feature:

For our Premium Users that have Data unlimited add- on, we have an extra feature.

  1. Top 3 Warmest Job Titles- The number of contacts holding a particular job title across all your campaigns. 

  2. Top 3 US States- The number of contacts from a particular US state across all your campaigns. 

  3. Top 3 Companies- The number represents most used companies based on the aggregate number of employees pulled from Data Unlimited across all your campaigns. 

DataUnlimited Not Enabled?

You’re not subscribed to DataUnlimited. Start chatting with our sales team now – click here to schedule a call and learn more about this powerful functionality.

Campaign statistics

There are two tabs on the Dashboard screen, one showing your campaigns only and one showing team campaigns.

My Campaigns
This section displays your personal campaign statistics only. You can see the statistics of any campaign. You can also see all the contacts that have interacted with the campaign by clicking on the Sent, Opened, Clicked, Bounced and Replied sections. This will take you to the appropriate list showing details of the interaction.

Team Campaigns
This section shows pinned campaigns shared by your team.
How to pin campaign:

  • Go to Campaigns tab

  • Click on Team campaigns

  • Find and mark the campaign that belongs to your Team Member and you want to be shown in dashboard.

  • Click on Pin to dashboard button 

Please keep in mind that only Manager of the team can pin campaigns and include them in overall statistics.
Only those campaigns that belongs to your Team members can be pinned. Manager campaigns (except those in draft mode) are already pinned by default. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat. 

Happy klosing! :)

Your autoklose.com team!

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