Every company that has been doing marketing for a period of time will have contacts that have unsubscribed or otherwise should not be emailed, ever. Autoklose abides by major email laws like CAN-SPAM and promotes safe email practices. You can upload all of the contacts that should never be emailed here:

  • Log into Autoklose with your account¬†
  • Click on Your Name at the top right and click on Settings
  • Click on the Do Not Mail tab
  • You can add individual contact or upload the CSV file of contacts never to be emailed by Autoklose.
  • To add an individual contact, click on Manage button. Here you can:
    - Add contact to the do-not-email list by clicking on Add Contact button and providing their email address.
    - Search contacts already on the do-not-mail list
    - Remove contacts you do not want on do-not-email any longer by clicking on the Settings button at the far right of the contact and selecting Remove Contact.  
  • To add a list of CSV contacts
    - Download the sample CSV file first by clicking on the link
    - Modify the file to suit. Please note that email is the only required field.
    - Click on the Upload button on the Do Not Email list line
    - Select your CSV file and click Open
    - You will be presented with a summary of how many contacts were uploaded, how many were already in the do-not-emial list and how many failed to upload (likely due to invalid email or file corruption)
    - Click Continue to finish. Your CSV will be available for download for future reference.

Autoklose will never, under any circumstances, email contacts on this list.

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