Link tracking is necessary to detect click statistics, and open tracking is necessary for similar reasons - to provide statistics for each time a recipient has opened your email. 

While disabling opens or clicks altogether prevents the proper tracking of some statistics, sometimes it's necessary to resort to it in order to ensure higher deliverability. If your email has very little content or a lot of links and/or images, you may experience trouble getting your emails delivered with tracking enabled.

If you are considering this option as a way to improve deliverability, here’s how to disable tracking. 

In step 1 of creating a sequence (or editing the existing one), simply turn off switches for tracking:

Keep in mind that tracking is turned on by default inside Autoklose, so if you find it necessary to disable tracking you will need to edit all your active campaigns and do it manually. 

Technical note: Reply tracking is turned on by default. Keep in mind that, by turning this off, the Autoklose system won't be functioning properly, and reply and bounced will go undetected, and those email addresses won't get excluded from future sendings. 

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